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A Healthier Vancouver WA | With Vancouver WA Chiropractor Dr Derrick Hau

(360) 694-0300

VANCOUVER SPINAL CARE‎  |  1610 C STREET #103  |  VANCOUVER, WA 98663  |  (360) 694-0300


Our Back Pain Doctors Provide A Variety Of Techniques For Pain Relief

Get moving again with our Neck Pain Therapy, Nucca Chiropractic and our specialized Migraine Headache Treatment!

When you arrive at Vancouver Spinal Care you will be greeted by name and offered a complimentary beverage. You will ask yourself, why is the staff always smiling? Well you would too if you felt this good!

Our staff utilizes uses chiropractic and massage as their first approach when dealing with episodes of headaches, neck pain or low back pain. Stress can affect everyone and we are no different, which is why we stay tuned up with chiropractic care and massage therapy to keep us active and engaged in life. Call it a sneak peek to what you will experience once you meet our Vancouver chiropractors.

Your first visit you will meet with the doctors. They will use the latest technology to determine the real cause of your pain. After the examination the doctor will review all the exams and customize an approach that brings lasting results. You will be invited back to go over the results of all your exams and have a thorough understanding of what is going on and if we can help.

The goal of our office is to always keep moving.  As a patient with us you will not be told to eliminate the activities you love to do. We want you to be as active as you would like without the pain.

Vancouver Chiropractic & Massage